Straight Online Slots

Today the current craze of online slots players are the progressive slots. These machines are linked together and accumulate a substantial amount of cash. Each player that plays at a progressive slot contributes to the common jackpot. Though this might sound very tempting the hard and bitter truth is that only few lucky people ever get to win the progressive jackpot.

Straight online slots offer the "traditional" jackpot, though the amounts of each winning is rather low in comparison you have a lower house edge than the one of the progressive online slots.

While this data is not revealed by online slots casinos the house edge for playing the straight edge may sometime be only 3.4%, a better chance even than when one plays the roulette which is consider as a much easier game.

The reason that straight online slots are neglected by the crowd of slots players is due to the relatively small jackpots, but in the long run the straight online machines offer you a fair chance to increase your bankroll.

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