Slot Machine Variations

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The slot machine comes in a wide variety of forms and shapes. To many, the most familiar is the standard slot machine. This is the classic machine that we all familiar with from vacations in Las Vegas and other places.

When using the classic machine, the player inserts a coin, waits for the images to fall into place, and either wins or does not, in which case he or she will often try again. These machines are also called "fruit machines," after the distinctive fruit designs printed on them.

But in addition to its classic incarnation, there are other forms of the slot machines that have developed over time. Some are more sophisticated and offer an additional challenge to the experienced player. One such variation is the bonus multiplier, in which the bonus increases with the amount of coins inserted at one time. However, the bonus only lasts for one game. If the player does not manage to win, he or she must start from scratch.

Another type of online casinos slot is the progressive slot machine. This game takes a little bit of every bet and sets it aside in a separate jackpot that is difficult to win, but when it is won, the player always wins big.

Multiple payline machines are those machines on which the top and bottom lines can win in addition to the middle line. Often, on these machines, the first coin will cover the middle line, while additional coins will give the player the chance of winning on the top and bottom lines too.

These days the standard for most players is the virtual slot machine, which enthusiasts download on their own computers and play whenever they so desire. Because they are always available, never break, and are often the most attractive and varied slots, many players today prefer to play virtual slot machines.

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