Slot Machines - Not All About Luck

Slot machines are casino games that are very dependent on luck rather than skills or strategies. There will be numerous books and tips out there that will make you think of buying their book just to win, but all their tips require a whole lot patience just to achieve results.

Gamblers often look for ways to win slot machines easier because they believe it is easy to win because of its simplicity. What they might not know is that simple things are really the most complex. What those tips and strategy books give is only ways to increase your luck by buying lucky charms.

The best thing to do to have better chances of winning at slot machines online or not is to find a machine that has high payout percentages. The payout percentages of slot machines can vary from 75% to 98%.

For online slot machines Slotland and Allslots give lots of benefits to a player. Slotland may be slow, ugly and technically crude compared to other online slot machines. However it is very honest, reliable and the payout is 98%. Allslots is the same as Slotland, only with better looking graphics and offers $150 bonus for new players who deposit $50.

Slot machines are random so there is no fool proof strategy to start winning here. However, since nothing is impossible, there are also some strategies that can work out. Here are some strategies that may work out.

The strategies for standard machine deviation slots are the most advance of all strategies for slots. It involves two components.

First, the strategies here play only “equal ratio”. It means for all levels of play they offer same payment ratios. I.e. the jackpot of 3 quarters is equivalent to 3 times the jackpot.

Secondly, it involves the person calculating the standard deviations of number of plays between the wins. The player will use the minimum bet allowed until he is able to reach the standard deviation of number of plays between the wins. The user will then use 2 minimum bets until he is nearing the 2 standard deviations.

I.e. if the wins happen to be 10 to 20 wins apart, the standard deviation will be 15. Using standard deviation, the player will increase his bet when he or she hasn’t won up to 30 tries.

One play slot machine strategies on the other hand focus on games that have the largest jackpots. You will play the maximum bet and start with only one play per game day. After which you’d need to follow these rules.

If any one play machine pays 1 to 3 times the amount bet, then make 1 more play. If one play makes 4 times more then make 3 more plays. If it doesn’t stop playing immediately. Always take note of slot machines in which these strategies might and might not work. If you are really interested in playing to win against slot machines, one site suggest reading the book “Robbing the One-armed Bandit” by Charles Lund.

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