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Deep inside the heart of Caesar's Palace and Mirage lies the inspiration behind online Casino Las Vegas.

Take a break from the revelry and the charged atmosphere of the Las Vegas street to stop into one of the best casinos on the strip. As you enter, you're blinded by the bright lights and sparkling machines lined up row upon row. A waitress offers you a drink, and as you take a sip you wonder to yourself which table you will hit up first and if you will win it big this time. That's online Casino Las Vegas. Not just the closest to the real thing, it is the real thing!

How to Play

In order to play slots in online Casino Las Vegas, you will need to obtain from us the necessary software and move it to your computer. This process is called "download". It is FREE software and you have NO obligation to play for real money - you can play in "For Fun" mode. Instructions:

1) Click on SetupCasino.exe
2) A small window will appear asking you a question. Choose "Open" (sometimes it called "Run"). In some cases you may need to click on "Open" (or "Run") twice.

If you understand the above 2 points - you are ready to begin. Now click on SetupCasino.exe


If you have trouble downloading this file - contact

Casino Las Vegas Support Tel. Numbers:

1-(866)-241-3102 (Toll-Free)
1-(268)-481-2397 (International)

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